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Back at the end of 2019, we wrote about why you as an Amazon seller should consider selling on too. We still think this is true, especially as Walmart has only continued to grow since then.

We always suggest eventually diversifying your platforms. Amazon is a great place to…

How to Sell on Amazon

The times they are a-changing. Dylan’s words haven’t stopped ringing, even as we amble out further into the 21st century.

On Amazon, change is about the only thing you can reliably count on. Not only has e-commerce emerged as the de facto heir to the lavish throne of global business…

Amazon Trademark Protection and Brand Registry

Every business owner — big or small, startup or corporate, will readily agree on the importance of a business’ branding. trademarks refer to a product or service name, a company logo, or a tagline (slogan) primarily used to identify and distinguish one’s products and services from those of other businesses.

Benefits of Trademark Protection

walmart brand portal

You can now register your brand on Walmart’s very first Brand Portal! This provides a much-needed layer of protection for brands selling on Walmart’s Marketplace.

Let’s walk through the registration process and compare the differences to Amazon’s brand registry.

Why Should I Register?

Helium 10 Pricing & Membership Plan

If you are new to Helium 10, welcome! Our goal is to help you find profitable products to sell, create fully optimized Amazon product listings, and increase sales over time with proven, effective e-commerce techniques.

Although we call it a Helium 10 membership, we never want you to feel that…

Female Leadership in E-Comm

Elevate is back with Krystsina Uradzimskaya, CEO and Founder of Terramed to dive into the grit one needs to succeed in the world of e-commerce.

There is not a single woman in power who does not understand hard work. Overcoming heteronormative-based gender roles and making their way up a male-saturated…

Walmart + Adobe Collaboration

Walmart announces news of a collaboration with Adobe, providing customers a toolbelt of technology to build shops across digital platforms.

From Peloton bikes, a plethora of streaming services, to Amazon same-day delivery, is there a reason to leave the house anymore? WFH (working from home) is increasingly becoming more popular…

amazon seller

Why did you choose to become an Amazon seller? Was it because you needed to or because you wanted to? Are personal growth and a “comfortable life” mutually exclusive?

There are those of us who gravitate towards the comforts of familiarity. We know it, so we like it.

Then there…

Helium 10’s New Trusted Partner Directory

We’ve collected the most trusted Amazon seller agencies in one place to help you shop e-commerce vendors with ease.

As Helium 10 grows, we are determined to find more ways to offer additional value to our customers. After giving the (sometimes complicated and confusing) online ecosystem a great deal of…

amazon seller community

Welcome to the Serious Sellers Club, Helium 10’s newest community that rewards Amazon sellers with special perks to celebrate their success.

Welcome to the Serious Sellers Club… this is serious business.

Helium 10

Our software contains multiple Amazon seller tools to help you find high ranking keywords, identify trends, spy on competitors, & optimize product listings.

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