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sell on ebay and Amazon
  • As of mid-2020, eBay’s total sales revenue was $10.71 billion
  • In 2019 there were 182 million eBay users worldwide — that’s a 4% increase since 2018.
  • eBay continues to improve the buying and selling experience, such as simplified buyer return processes
  • The US is eBay’s main market
  • 70% of eBay traffic is based in the US, followed by China, Canada, Russia, and the UK
  • The eBay mobile app has over 476 million downloads, with 66 million users per month
  • The eBay mobile app is the 3rd most used mobile shopping app in the US, behind only Amazon and Walmart
  • “Electronics and accessories” is the top category sold on eBay, followed by “clothing and accessories.”
  • 79% of sales are from fixed price (Buy it Now) listings instead of auctions
  • 61% of buyers are 35 and older


amazon india

Formal catalog

Official online store feel

Streamlined buyer-focused experience

Reliable fulfillment model

Highly-competitive PPC

Beholden to Amazon’s strict policies


“Garage sale” feel

garage sale

Great for arbitrage sellers and one-off items

Total control over your individual listings

THE destination for unique items such as collectibles, historical pieces, and fine art

online seller

Sponsored ads have a different structure from Amazon PPC

sponsored ads

Sellers can set their own policies

No in-house fulfillment service

sell on ebay
online seller


Amazon fees are built into each sale

Monthly “membership” fee for professional sellers

Amazon doesn’t use Paypal

Biweekly payout



(At least) 200 free listings per month

Insertion fees charged after free listing quota is met

eBay charges fees separately from sale

Immediate payout (usually)

eBay uses Paypal

amazon business


Keyword bidding and campaign management


sell on ebay

Ad structure

Sponsored ad fees

sponsored ads free



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