Best Amazon Seller Resources to Bookmark | How to Sell on Amazon

How to Sell on Amazon

1. The Amazon Seller Central Forums

amazon seller central forums
  • General selling questions
  • Feedback & returns
  • Help for new sellers
  • Canada sellers
  • Intellectual property
  • Announcements (straight from Amazon staff)
  • FBA orders and customer service
  • Professional seller account support
  • FAQs about Amazon seller fees
  • Literally, countless others

2. Marketplace Pulse

walmart marketplace
walmart marketplace sellers increasing
amazon marketplace review

3. The Helium 10 Blog

helium 10 amazon blog
helium 10 walmart blog
helium 10 amazon seller tools blog

4. Amazon Seller Social Media Communities

  • The Amazon FBA High Rollers Facebook Group — 78.4k members
  • This is the official online community for the AM/PM Podcast, the original Amazon FBA seller podcast started by Manny Coats and currently hosted by Tim Jordan.
  • The High Rollers group is primarily for networking with like-minded entrepreneurs and getting answers to questions related to private label selling. Self-soliciting is strictly prohibited, so you can rest assured, this is a place to learn — not for other sellers to shamelessly plug their services.
  • The Helium 10 Members Group — 57.3k members
  • This is a community specifically for the forward-thinking Amazon sellers who are interested in industry news, sharing tips, and learning how to best use Helium 10 tools to scale their business.
  • Prefer your networking to be done from your pocket? The Helium 10 TikTok account is where you’ll find actionable, 30-second tips from expert sellers in the space.
  • The Lunch with Norm | Amazon FBA & eCommerce Collective — 1.5k members
  • Micro-brands unite! Join a growing family of sellers to share advice, updates, and a virtual bite to eat.
  • Reddit — If you’ve ever used Reddit, you know that you need to dig through the occasional nonsense posts and group-think tanks to find what you want (although these niche subreddits typically remain well-moderated and quite productive). As with any massive online community, use your best judgment here.
  • r/Entrepreneur — 986k members
  • This is one of Reddit’s largest and most active communities dedicated to side-hustlers, small business owners, and one-person startups alike.
  • Again, not a place to self-promote. As stated in their community bio: “No one cares about your blog.”
  • r/smallbusiness — 649k members
  • Similar to r/Entrepreneurs, r/smallbusiness is a hub for questions and answers about starting and running your new small business
  • Tip: Search this subreddit by “AMA” (ask me anything), they’re great threads to glean information from experienced sellers in your niche.
  • r/ecommerce — 169k members
  • As the name suggests, this is a space for broader discussions about e-commerce at large, not any single platform in particular. Remember, it’s a good idea to keep yourself apprised of our industry as a whole. It’s only a matter of time before you expand beyond the Prime pastures of Amazon.
  • A few more honorable mentions that are more geared towards the Amazon marketplace specifically:
  • r/fulfillmentbyamazon — 74.8k members
  • r/AmazonSeller — 23.3k members
  • r/amazonsellers — 4.2k members

5. Podcasts — Info on the Go

  • The Serious Sellers Podcast with Bradley Sutton
  • With everything from how to win the Buy Box, and multi-million dollar Amazon strategies, to branding deep dives with some of the biggest names in the industry, The SSP truly is the best place for new Amazon sellers who don’t know where to start. Each episode brings an unscripted, organic conversation about everything e-commerce.
amazon seller tips podcast
  • The AM/PM Podcast with Tim Jordan
  • Founded by Amazon selling godfather Manny Coats, The AM/PM Podcast continues to live up to its name, working around the clock to bring listeners personal entrepreneur stories; the highs and the lows of e-commerce.
ecommerce seller tip podcast

6. This One-Hour Read

  • The Go-Giver
  • Recommended by Lillian Roberts (Founder of Xendoo and guest on the AM/PM Podcast #246), The Go-Giver walks us through what it means to live a life from an emotional place many of us are not used to focusing on in the world of business: a place of giving. It’s a small story about a powerful business idea and the opportunities that click into place once the change has been made. Too much of e-commerce depends on the bottom line. We want you to take some time out of your week to focus on personal fulfillment. Remember, happiness is contagious.

7. Trusted Partner Directory

helium 10 trusted partner directory

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