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online schooling
kids need help with online schooling

Embracing the Challenge

Start Here: A Virtual School Checklist

  • Charge my device
  • Prepare supplies and a quiet workspace
  • Dress properly
  • Eat and use the restroom prior to class
  • Be early,mute mic, and turn on camera
  • Eliminate distractions — iPhone, tablet, toys, food, drinks
  • Turn off TV/radio
  • Move animals to another room
  • Focus and listen
  • Raise my hand and wait my turn
  • Stay optimistic
  • Use checklists or schedules to feel accomplished
virtual meeting success tips

Keeping Older Children Healthy

advanced learning tips

Don’t Forget! 21st Century Etiquette

  1. Ears are listening
  2. Eyes are looking
  3. Mouth is quiet
  4. Hands are still
  5. Body is facing the screen
  6. Brain is thinking
online etiquette
online school for kids

Balancing Work and Crisis Schooling



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